/ Easter

The short story is that I passed out forty sandwiches and some cash to people who are in great need. I took a few photos but spent considerable time listening to people's stories. I did my best to look into their eyes and to let them know that God loved them and that they were in the midst of a caring and supportive community. I feel so inspired to enhance our Belonging Revolution. I did meet a few people who remembered you too.  

There were a few who were very cold; there were more than a few who were sad. Everyone knew it was Easter and we talked about how this is the season for new life and new beginnings.  

Oh my brother, there are so many people who are hurting and struggle with their own trauma and pain. It seems every day, for many of these folks, brings its own trauma and pain. All I could do was love them for a few moments - and it seemed so little. I know you know the feeling! It is that feeling that seems to give life to one. I think there is this dynamic in the universe that when you serve others, what you get back is much greater than what you gave.