/ Homeless Thanksgiving

I arose on Thanksgiving day it was cold out, 21 degrees and snowing, last night was at least a one dog night and I said to myself, self - Ahh a leisure, kick back day today and then in the afternoon be with my loving family at a Thanksgiving dinner feast at my beloved Sister Lee’s house and then I received this message at 8:30 AM from Mike!

Don't know if you are interested in joining me. I am going to Safeway this morning and purchase some food and then go to where those struggling with homeless are and give it to them. I want to talk with them and let them know they are appreciated and valued. I want them to know they belong - to our community and in our hearts. Mike  

I responded yes for sure! Mike said good, I will be by to pick you up in a few minutes. Which he did and we went to Safeway’s and where Mike bought over two dozen sub sandwiches (which we would be giving to the homeless). And Oh My! What followed was one of the most spiritual up lifting days I can ever remember!  

I had a nice talk with the homeless U.S. Marine veteran and shared with him that I was a U.S. Army vet and he said with a big smile on his face “We called you GI’s our friends and our fellow Marines our Brothers” We gave each other a fist pump and thanked each other for our service, Oh my!! How good a feeling when I seen his smile and knowing that we most likely made this Marine who had served our Country and who now is homeless,  cold and miserable a Thanksgiving  oh so much better a day for him!  

And OMG I how good it was when we were there with the two homeless men who were sitting in the shelter struggling just to keep somewhat warm and Mike came up to them started talking with themand gave each ofthem two Sub Sandwiches andthen Mike seeing the poor elder skinny homeless man sitting before us with very lousy gloves said“I will be Right back” and he went back  to the car and brought the man his own personal warm gloves,  and then Mike reached in his pocket and took out two $20.00 bills and gave one to each of them and said “Here go buy yourselves a warm meal” WOW!!! The skinny man was in tears and the other was beaming from ear to ear. I mean how awesome and caring that was of Mike!!  And then there was the young Lady who gave us a big, big smile and gave Mike a hug and said Oh My!! I do belong in Longmont It’s so wonderful that you care for us! 

And after our morning with the homeless which also included a walk on a snowy trail along the St. Vrain River where Mike said many homeless camp out, our very spiritual in the true sense of the word visit with the homeless came to an end with Mike sending me the following message. 

“Thank you for joining me this morning as we brought comfort, care, a sense of belonging, gloves, some cash and food to those so in need. As I think about this morning, I truly saw our other brothers and sisters. It does hurt to know some are in so much discomfort, so hungry, so in need. It just makes me want to double down on our service. I wanted to let everyone know that it will be ok. But I'm not sure that will happen for some in this lifetime. God bless them all”  

Thank you, Dan Benavidez