/ Another Great Day In the Hood


Wow! I mean wow! Another walk in a Longmont neighborhood and this walk ever so nice, however I must say they all are! I feel so good knowing that we are well into starting our 4th year of walking the neighborhoods of Longmont and I feel so good knowing I am a team member from the start of Chief Butlers “Belonging Revolution”. Roy Baumeister and Mark Leary stated regarding the need to belong that “This desire is so universal that the need to belong is found across all cultures and different types of people.”

We met and talked with several neighbors literally at the bottom of the food chain. One a young homeless man with a pack on his back. And a great experience meeting and talking with Hung from Vietnam who could speak practically no English and who loved Longmont and to Luis who also spoke very little English mostly Spanish and who loves living in Longmont and who told us he helped our Longmont Police a short time ago and told Chief Butler to call him if he needed any help! That was so cool!

And for sure Eva such an inspiration she a single mom who works as a maid refurbished her trailer by herself and it’s like a castle so beautiful! My gosh how it made me realize that we need to help those without!  And what a heavenly visit so to speak to the Community of Christ Church and meeting, talking and sharing with Don Ewing and Kay Ewing presiding and some members of the congregation.

And how good it is that Chief Butler’s “Belonging Revolution” is recognized across the U.S. and in many places around the world this from my dear friend in South Africa Elza Lynne Kruger who is well known worldwide.


Dear Dan.,

Power to Longmont’s spirit of inclusion!

Mike and you truly understand that a healthy community is where “One Hand Washes the Other”!

Thanks for always sharing these inspiring ‘Belonging Revolution’ Sunday walks – restores one’s faith in the true goodness of the American people.

Keep up the good work – Longmont is a beacon of hope – restoring community spirit and so building resilient societies.

Big Hug, Elza-lynne



YES, ANOTHER GREAT DAY IN THE HOOD! And oh, so right on” *Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart and you'll never walk alone, you’ll never walk alone”. Each walk I walk, I walk with hope in my heart that we someday will all feel and know that we belong! And chief Butler’s “Belonging Revolution” is making that happen!

*Rogers and Hammerstein

Thank you ever so much Longmont City Council Member Polly Christensen for walking with us! You are a true example of a person of power taking power to the people right down in their neighborhood! And you really do care about people witness Eva Haight from the trailer park who we met and talked to with her daughter knows this and thanks you so very much for caring! And for doing what you can for her and the entire trailer park!

 Thank you, Dan Benavidez