/ Glad You Are Our Neighbor

Angry! Yes, Angry big time was I when we began our walk last Sunday and I shared this with Chief Butler and Mar. I kept thinking enough already with all the racist male Cow ka ka! going on since last November and now Charlottesville! and on and on! been there most of my life and no more do I want to go back there NO WAY! And all the politicos and many of those in the establishment just talk, talk, talk, about stopping the madness. But more and more as I accompany Chief Butler on our Sunday walks I know for sure yes, for sure that being right down in the hoods meeting and talking with the people in a true “Belonging Revolution” is where it’s at!  that the “Belonging Revolution” is true example of we are all together! And yes, I know many of our Politicos and those in the establishment say they are too busy… give me a break!  Busy? Talk about busy! Chief Mike Butler is super busy 24/7 however he is still down in the neighborhoods every Sunday and sometimes during our walks he needs like on today’s walk to walk away from us for a while to deal with a police or fire issues he is still on the job but still down in the neighborhoods with the people.

And one thing for sure and I mean for sure is that Chief Butler is for real! yes for real! he cares about us! Really cares about all of us!  not just talk, he has been down in the neighborhoods with the people on Sunday mornings for more than three years! Yes, he for sure cares! he makes us all feel we belong, he makes those of color feel they are okay and for sure and I mean for sure that they/we belong! He makes all we meet no matter race, color, religion, gender, etc. on practically every Sunday for OVER THREE YEARS! in over 140 neighborhoods that he cares about us (AND HE REALLY DOES!) that we are okay that we belong! Mike, YOU HAVE A BIG HEART!  Thank you, Thank You, Thank you! And I get back from many from all over the State, the Country and abroad that Mike is for real! He is hugely admired! And justifiably so. And thank you ever so much Mar Matlak for walking with us, your brilliance, bilingualism and knowledge of the Latino culture such a great addition for Mike and me on our walk. Thank you again Mar!

And as usual after our walks I feel okay, yes okay that things are going to be alright ah a great feeling that I belong!  but  please no mas, no mas! with the racial discrimination Cow ka ka !

And the signs in the yard of that the wonderful awesome couple who we met and talked with and who made the signs and give to all who want them says it all.

No matter, where you are from, were glad you’re are neighbor

And in this house, we believe


Women’s rights are human rights





Dan Benavidez


Mar Matlak

I heard about "Belonging Revolution" a couple months ago. I thought it was a very interesting idea and a very warming action in this time of need, where reminding our community and our members that we love each other is important- love is caring. I find Dan Benavidez and Chief Mike, this two caring individuals, very inspiring so I joined them. 
The neighborhood we walked at was Kensington. This is a very diverse place. People from different backgrounds and ages, not only share space but also look after each other. It was also very interesting to see the different reactions of people surprised but thankful that "The chief of police" was at right there willing and open to hear about whatever they had to say. 
It was very impressive and heartwarming to be part of this team of change makers, the strong and deep connection that they have build in the communities for the last couple years and the unconditional support they offer to people without caring their legal status, race or economic level, is admirable.  
This was a reminder that "la unión hace la fuerza", that if the communities keep working together and form a solid community, and then, if we think about a bigger picture where, all the communities are fighting together for a common good, nothing will defeat them. We are all important pieces in the change we want to see in our world. 
Con ustedes en la lucha, Mar.