/ Hagoonee


Walk 7-9-2017

Last Sunday the 9th of July we returned to the Stonehenge Apartments on Martin Street for our neighborhood walk this where we started our neighborhood walks 3 years ago and what came to my mind after our walk through the neighborhood was a somewhat religious saying if you will, that being “Kum Ba Ya “a Gullah pronunciation of “Come by hereYES that is what those in our neighborhoods seek and that is for our Leaders to do Kum Ba Ya in our neighborhoods! And YES, Chief Butler has been doing just that starting our 4th year ‘Belonging Revolution” this month! Going there in our neighborhoods with our “Belonging Revolution”

And as so often I say but true again another uplifting time for me. Ah so good talking to the lady who invited us in and into her home and WOW! Nothing like I have ever seen! And so hard to describe other than it was a museum wall to wall ceiling to floor even the stair case ceiling to the steps crammed with artifacts and how cool it was talking with her.

And what memories were brought back to me when I was a young boy in Albuquerque going to school with Latinos and Native Americans from the reservations in Los Lunas and Belen when we met and had such a great conversation with a lady a Native American Navajo born in the Navajo reservation in Ship Rock New Mexico, lived on a Navajo reservation in Utah  and whose first Language is Navajo and who has had quite a journey, and who 13 years ago became a recovered alcoholic and who volunteered to help Chief Butler with his Angel program and who when we ended our visit said to us Hagoonee (good bye in Navajo) how cool that was!

And again, all the Latinos we talked to as has been with all we have talked to on our past walks when asked had they ever felt they had been discriminated in Longmont Stores, by the police or else where all replied NO! That be so great as Longmont is such a wonderful and so inclusive City! And I know in my heart and in my mind that if that was not the case I would for sure, and I mean for sure take up the cause again as I have in the past to end blatant discrimination in our City. But I feel strongly that no way that will ever happen again as Longmont one great awesome inclusive city Hooray for that!

And thank you Longmont Council Member Joan Peck for accompanying us on our walk your great smile, and outgoing personality was so well accepted by the people we met!

Dan Benavidez